To further our conception of the box as a small-scale exhibition space, we regularly organise shows in the front space of our studio.

Upcoming shows:

Ster Borgman
(april 2024)

Ira Grünberger
(June 2024)

Ellen Yiu
(July 2024)

Levine Aviya
(October 2024)

Irene van de Mheen
(November 2024)

Stills of Deeptime

Ster Borgman

Opening on Friday 19 April 5-7 PM

20 April - 28 April
Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

As an artist, Ster Borgman works like a magical scientist, an alchemist. When you look at glass it acts like it is not moving, but when you look away it starts dripping and flowing everywhere. Ster visualizes this by working with glass and natural pigments.

This way, Ster has developed a liquid pigment for glass, using rust as a basis. Rust is something hybrid, something that grows and can overgrow. Rust tells a story about deep time; how it bursts from the earth in the form of iron and is then slowly oxidized by the rain.

In the oven, Ster melts two glass plates together with self-developed, liquid rust pigment in between. The melting glass catches the rust, which starts to boil and tries to escape the heat. Ultimately, the rust changes color due to the high temperature: from black to different shades of red.

These glass plates are, as it were, photographs of a moment in the deep time of the life of rust. But maybe someone accidentally breaks the glass after 8 years or even 800 years, the glass crumbles back into sand and the rust is finally released.

Chiel Lubbers

Opening on Saturday 9 December 2-7 PM

9 December - 17 December 2023
Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

As a visual artist, Chiel Lubber’s motivation is built upon the embodied experience of an ‘inner-act’. This arises within the dynamic interplay between two entities and is distinguished by a bodily-felt affect. It serves as a means to capture his resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape.

Musculo-vegetal is a herbarium series embodying analogous research, delving into the parallels between fibers in plants and human muscle tissues. Through the intricate processes of dissecting, fermenting, and positioning fibers, Chiel’s artworks reveal the microscopic and macroscopic anatomical tissues of the abstracted aspects of our intimate anatomy. The essence of Musculo-vegetal lies in its aim to induce a meditative state, encouraging viewers to reflect on the life forms that constitute our bodies. It conveys the fundamental concept that we are resonant beings intricately intertwined with cosmic currents.

Field Correspondence  
Bødvar Hole & Milah van Zuilen

Opening on 21 October 2023 at 5

21 October - 29 October 2023
Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

Field correspondence is a story of two researchers conducting fieldwork together. Their fieldwork has no particular focus or direction, allowing them to observe unexpectedly and reflect playfully. The researchers communicate their findings to each other through written notes, and a conversation emerges.

Together, they realise that the act of discovery is not always a solitary endeavour, but one that involves each other. As they write back and forth, they learn that the environment also participates in the dialogue.

dot dot dot 

Benni Ciappini, Scott van Kampen-Wieling and Angelina Nonaj

Opening on 3 February 2023
3 February - 12 February 2023

Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

Benni Ciappini, Scott van Kampen-Wieling and Angelina Nonaj are currently graduating at the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. 

dot dot dot is a group exhibition and box presentation created in dialogue between their three different yet correspondent practices.

This dialogue started as an investigation around the idea of ellipses, under diverse viewpoints: linguistic, visual, material, theoretical, speculative.

This research is also presented in the form of a non-linear publication, which combines, collects, and embodies the investigations led by the three artists.

dot dot dot can be experienced in the space as a conversation between words, drawings, and sculptural objects that subtly speak to each other.

Betula spp. 
Milah van Zuilen

Opening on 2 December 2022 at 5

2 December - 18 December 2022
Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

Betula spp. investigates a different approach to ecological fieldwork, with a focus on the genus Betula (birch). During Milah van Zuilen’s residency at Tuo Tuo, in Joutsa (Finland), the bark from fallen or felled birch trees was collected. The bark was dried, peeled into layers, cut into little squares and arranged into grids.

As part of this show, a series of 20 framed originals are available for sale in collector’s boxes, together with a folder containing a dried birch leaf and a leaflet providing insights into the artist’s method and research.

Milah gathers plant material according to self-imposed rules, and seeks similarities between scientific and artistic ways of looking at landscapes. The material gets transformed into squares and grids, referring to the shapes that characterise a very human perspective and presence. The square shapes and straight lines, paradoxically, emphasise the organic forms and patterns in the plant material. Also being a forest ecologist in training, the artist strives to bring the fields of art and ecology closer to each other, and to find another way of looking at the landscape - more earth-centered, rather than anthropocentric.

Milah van Zuilen graduated in Fine Arts & Photography from the Willem de Kooning Academy. Her graduation project 'Terrafuturism' won the 2021 Ron Mandos Young Blood Award and was acquired by Museum Voorlinden. She is also a co-founder of Jaro Milire, a space for ecology-related artist residencies in the Czech Republic. She is represented by Galerie Caroline O’Breen.

Milah van Zuilen will plant a birch tree for each work sold and will donate 25% of the remaining profit to The Pollinators. There is the possibility to pay in instalments.

Noise Spectrum

Zoë d’Hont

Opening on 21 October 2022 at 5

21 October - 6 November 2022
Open in the weekends from 1 to 5
and on appointment during the week

Zoë d’Hont shows a series of glass works that originates from her long-lasting interest in sound. The series is inspired by the noise spectrum; a range of eight different sound signals, named as colours, that correspond to a particular frequency, which the listener couples with specific material associations and states of mind. This sense of colour for noise signals is similar to the concept of timbre in music.

Zoë uses noise-cancelling foam to mold pieces of glass in a rippled pattern, resembling sound waves. The reflective surface of the glass gives the pieces an even more liquid, transformative appearance. She presents her collection of glass works in foam-lined boxes, as jewels meant to amplify the beauty of noise.

Zoë d'Hont invited writer Lenny van Gent to create a fictive story for each colour of noise, to lead the viewer into the different sound worlds. Each part guides us to a different frequency of existence. Eight colours, eight stories, eight spacetimes, in which reality slowly bends and nostalgia transforms into alienation. These stories are presented in a book accompanied by drawings from the artist.

With the kind support of Stichting Niemeijer Fonds and Jump! Talenthub.

The lure of the distant
Lotus Rosalina Hebbing

Opening on 6 May 2022 at 5

Open on 7 & 8 and 14 & 15 May from 1 to 5 
and on appointment on 9 - 13 May

Lotus Rosalina Hebbing (b.1999, The Netherlands)
Currently a student of the Royal Academy of Art

Was your milk poisoned when I drank it
That this watering mouth is demanding a bite of the foreign

I’ll open my legs to the waves
While my wounds ache in clay 

Model Studies
Florence Marceau-Lafleur

6 & 7 November 2021

This presentation and open studio provide a peek into Florence Marceau-Lafleur’s intricate work prior to her first solo exhibition at De Vishal in Haarlem.

Florence uses her side job as an academic model as a metaphor to explore the relationship between body and space, placing an emphasis on the thought processes induced by immobility. She works with different media, such as stereoscopes, altered anatomical books, and performative sculptures. In this way, she aims to create an alternative imagery of the life drawing class beyond the object-subject dichotomy.
With the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund 

The Third Space
Linhuei Chen

16 October - 4 November 2021

Linhuei Chen is a Taiwanese Dutch artist based in Rotterdam. Her experiences of cross-generational diaspora trigger her to question its impact on the family/home context and cultural hybridity through her memories. In her artistic practice, she uses different media such as painting, drawing, text, audiovisual, and together they often form an installation.

Since 2020, she started to experiment on the visualisation of mental images of people with transcultural backgrounds, integrating her expertise in art therapy with her art projects. Through this, she wishes to understand the forming process of cultural hybridity and provide more caring to society.

The Third Space is a concept developed by Homi Bhabha to describe the hybrid cultural identity which emerges from the interweaving of elements from different cultures. This concept inspired Linhuei Chen in the process of her artistic research, which was the starting point of the artist book she presents in this show.

Chen realised that all the segments of her work are a journey into the Third Space, where her native culture and memories meet with her experience of Western culture. While she explores this Western culture with a magnifying glass in one hand, she examines her past with a monocular in the other.

Linhuei Chen’s artist book is made with the intention to be a gift for her children. Besides relying on diaspora theory, it is written with a more intimate scope, presenting a collection of stories about her family’s migration history. Each chapter is named after a symbolic object, such as a spinning top, which she also crafted as an artwork. In this show, the spectator/reader can experience the link between these works, personal stories and artistic research.