Florence Marceau Lafleur, There where you think, series of 1940’s stereoscopes presented in a clamshell linen box, with authenticity certificate.

Each stereocope contains one stereoscopic plate and comes in a limited edition of 10.

Price per stereoscope with box: €450.
Price per stereoscope with box and hanging system: €500.

There where you think is part of a larger project by Florence Marceau-Lafleur, in which she explores the 'oceanic sensation': the feeling of being one with the outside world as a whole. As a metaphor for this topic, she uses her side job as an art model. The places represented in these stereoscopes are rooms where she has worked and where the tradition of life drawing is still carried on. 

While this context traditionally stands for a world separating objects from subjects, she observes the way in which an immobile body perceives its environment. Marceau-Lafleur focuses on situations where immobility erases the perception of physical limits and alters the ordinary course of thought. In one of the scenes, she represents her own body scattered over twenty-seven breaths, materializing the result of a thought experiment: ‘How many times do I have to inhale to absorb the volume of my whole body?' A whistle modeled after the nose of Michelangelo's David materializes another 'oceanic' experience. Standing still for extensive periods of time, she imagined that she could breathe with the plaster features displayed on the back wall.

In the empty studios, Marceau-Lafleur documents an action she has imagined while posing. It results in a collection of places that are both imaginary and concrete—ambiguous, like an ecstatic viewpoint within a naturalistic world.

Stereoscopic scenes:

First row: Studio Situation with Man Among Nature, 2021
Second row: Situation with Enshrined Ocarina, 2021
Third row: Studio Situation With Scattered Senses, 2021-2022
Fourth row: Imagined Situation at Ars Aemula Naturae, 2022
Fifth row: How One Hour Measured To Me, 2023
Sixth row: The Non-human Zoo, 2023

To order, please contact us and specify the scene of your choice.

Hanging systems (exhibition views at West End Project Space, The Hague)

This series has also been shown at De Vishal (Haarlem), Prospects (Art Rotterdam), and Big Art 2022.