Florence Marceau Lafleur, series of 1940’s stereoscopes presented in a clamshell linen box, with authenticity certificate.

Each stereocope contains one stereoscopic plate and comes in a limited edition of 10. Price per stereoscope: €450.

This series of stereoscopes are part of a larger project of Florence Marceau-Lafleur, in which she explores the togetherness of the body and its surroundings. As a metaphore for this topic, she takes her side-job as an art model. Each of the spaces are rooms where she actually worked, and where the tradition of life drawing is still carried on. Within this material context, she actualises the actions which she has imagined while sitting still: insufflating life into the skeleton of the anatomy class, visualising one’s own body volume as a collection of exhales, or exploring the inwardness of a Greek torso. The naturalistic context of the life class is metamorphosed into a less binary world, which reflects the model’s contemplative experience: the self is no more ‘in there’, the room is no more ‘out there’.  

The stereoscopes have been previously shown at De Vishal (Haarlem), Prospects (Art Rotterdam), and on a more discrete note at Big Art 2022.

Available scenes:

First row, left: Studio Situation with Scattered Senses, 2021
First row, right: Imagined Situation at Ars Aemula Naturae, 2022
Second row, left: Studio Situation with Man Among Nature, 2021
Second row, right: Still Life with Peers
Third row, left: Studio Situation with Enshrined Ocarina 
Third row, right: Breathing with David, 2021 

To order, please contact us and specify the scene of your choice.